Are you flushing your money down the toilet?

Why would anyone do that? Well, what most people don’t understand is that if we are not absorbing our supplements properly then the nutrition from those supplements is lost. There are a lot of brands of supplements that are not high quality enough to be taken in by the body. So along with the supplements, our money is going down the toilet too. Taking supplements can be a guessing game. Quintessential Science takes the guesswork out of supplements by producing a high-quality product that improves absorption by ten-fold, boosts energy, enhances healthy skin, and improves focus for healthy mental, emotional and physical state of being.

QSciences products include Nutritionals for body and mind, hemp oils and topicals, fitness and weight loss supplements and energy improving supplements. All their products are developed on the basis of the highest quality, maximum absorption and total health. 

There are products that are for men, women and children. They even have many that come in a spray  ( Q SPRAYS ).

Gina and I use these supplements for ourselves, our family and recommend them for you too!


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