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Gina and Don Grothoff, are parents and founders of Focused Healthy Family. They learned from life experiences how difficult parenting can be. They have moved from just parenting to the Sandwich Generation. Sandwich Generation are parents that are raising their children while caring for an aging parent or spouse. 

They are sought-after inspiring speakers known for their expertise in parenting through their personal experiences raising three kids two of which suffer from severe Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, caring for their aging parents, professional experience and skills. ( Find more about Gina and Don HERE )

They understand the challenges of raising neurodiverse children, caring for aging parents, and the importance of parental involvement, but they found that there is the hope of finding parenting solutions that work! 

Gina and Don speak together and individually on speaking topics that touch upon the most crucial parenting topics and what are the most effective skills you can use as a caregiver.

Through Don’s many years as an entrepreneur, EFT Practitioner and Mindset Coaching and Gina’s career as an Occupational Therapist they have learned first-hand that the techniques they teach and speak fit all caregivers and parents. From changing behavior at home to using the same parental techniques to care for an elderly parent or spouse.

They have spoken to groups including National Alliance of Mental Illness, National Association of Women Business Owners, National American Holistic Nurses, Rotary clubs, Holistic Health Network

Through stories, experiences, their personal journey and professional careers, Gina and Don can lift your group to new heights in building new relationships with children and aging parents..

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Keynote Topics

Behavior: The Foreign Language Every Caregiver Must Learn

Whether it is your child’s or an aging parents’ behavior, it is their way they interact with the world. We often label it as “good” or “bad” and want to control it the best we can.

Much like learning a foreign language, interpreting behavior makes for a much more satisfying experience.

For more details and to download this topic sheet, click here.

Courageous Conversations: Approaching Aging Parents About Their Future Needs

Handing the car keys to the newly licensed teen was tough. Taking them away from your aging parent is even tougher. You are taking away their independence. 

When is it time to talk about: 

- Driving, hiring caregiver help, moving to a facility, selling the house 

For more details and to download this topic sheet, click here.

I thought you gave a great presentation and answered questions well.  It is obvious that you have a deep well of knowledge and passion about your work and it shows in the presentation. I have explored how I communicate and interact with my own family ever since. Thanks, Don, for coming to our club and for all the help.

~ Luke Maybry (Rotary Club), Matthews, NC

Don (with Focused Healthy Family) spoke to our Holistic Health Network group, sponsored by the Holistic Nurses of Charlotte and also to the National American Holistic Nurses meeting this year. They were warm, personable, and shared personal family experiences that led them to realize the importance of self-care for themselves and their family. They were enthusiastic, energetic and passionate about what they do and explained how they had changed professions to do this current work.

~ Carol Shea, RN

“I think you did a great job! The most helpful was having personal stories with your talk to help us relate to your topic. I wouldn't change a thing. The topic was clear, you spoke loudly, and you were prepared to answer all questions at the end. You probably got asked more questions than any other speaker we've had. You were very engaging! Your presentation may have initially been about how to help the mindset with home life, but the talk was definitely instrumental for business life and how to think and talk when conversing with clients, customers and co-workers. Thank you!

~ Dr. K T (Carolinas Referral Group), Waxhaw, NC

More Keynote Topics

Caregiver Burnout - A Hospital, Three Killers, and My Father-In-Law

Juggling the care of dependent children and aging parents (or other loved ones) takes a toll on your emotional well-being. We have all heard about caregiver burnout and yet what can we do about it? 

Don uses humor and engages dynamically with the audience, to inspire and motivate. 

For more details and to download this topic sheet, click here.

Caregiving Aging Parents Over Distance

Being the caregiver for an aging parent can be difficult and doing so from a distance adds  additional challenges and stress

Whether that distance is in mileage or emotions it can be difficult to put together a plan of care for your aging parents.  Where do you begin?

For more details and to download this topic sheet, click here.

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