Emotional Freedom Techniques

Alternative To Traditional Therapy
Easing Anxiety and Anxiety Disorders

Donald is an EFT Tapping Practitioner for Individuals and Parents

EFT Experience

Whether you are dealing with stress, anxiety issues or trauma Don is here to help.

  • Don Grothoff has over 18 years of Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT) experience
  • Don has his certificate in EFT
  • Don has worked with trauma, weight loss, anxiety, phobias, fears, physical pain, OCD, ADHD
  • Don works with parents, kids and individuals
  • Don works in his practice and with his wife in Focused Healthy Family
  • Don is the father of three kids, two have severe OCD
  • Don has been married to Gina since 1994

Essentially through EFT tapping, you’re rebalancing your body’s energy system allowing a quick reduction in fight or flight which is the basis of anxiety, stress and emotional and physical distress. Once you reduce, remove or “reframe” the distress or trauma and allow your body and mind to re-balance themselves, you accelerate their ability to heal and perform. Most people experience rapid, long-lasting results. The beauty of Emotional Freedom Techniques® or EFT®tapping is that you can find a solution to your anxiety and emotional issues with tapping! Additionally:

  • It often works when nothing else will.
  • It doesn’t use drugs or equipment.
  • It is gentle, safe, painless and the results are normally long-lasting.
  • It can be easily learned by anyone.
  • It is easily self-applied.
  • It can be used anytime, anywhere.
  1. Works to calm anxiety very quickly
  2. One of the top practices used by the military to relieve insomnia, depression and anxiety.
  3. It has powerful long-term results.
  4. It is safe for all ages.
  5. EFT® has multiple ways to use.
  6. Can work in unison with medication to improve their performance.
  7. Increases clarity in the mind.
  8. Can be used anytime, anywhere.
  9. Can improve mental performance.
  10. Can improve the quality of life.

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Client Testimonials

“Let me start by saying just 8 months ago I could barely stand more than 30 minutes, no energy, pain everywhere, and feeling terrible overall. No doctor could figure out what was wrong with me. I finally found a Naturopath who figured out I had an autoimmune and immune system dysfunction (mostly neurological). Healing started slow until I was introduced to Don, an EFT instructor.

It’s challenging to put into words what Don and his wealth of knowledge have done for me. Our one hour sessions were full of practical application and education to allow me independence and control over my health. Believe me when I tell you this IS the piece of the puzzle your looking for! 8 months into my healing journey and I have more energy than ever, exercising 5 days per week, and returned to living my life!”

JT From Texas

“I started working with Don when I felt like I had hit the bottom. I was struggling with a traumatic birth experience and subconsciously directing my hurt, frustration and anger towards the people I love most – my husband and daughter. Through our weekly EFT sessions, we have worked together to uncover some deeply seeded issues that have effected me greatly in my marriage, parenting and general relationships. After a session, I feel as though another layer of my onion has been shed and new light shines from my soul. Now four months later, I feel like a new person and a kinder, more loving mother and wife. My relationship with my daughter has blossomed. Now we rarely experience a power struggle, and I am able to redirect and release my frustration by utilizing tapping and surrogate tapping.

Don is a kind   soul andapproaches each of our sessions with the utmost care and truly without judgment. I feel like I can honestly express my feelings through tapping, and Don is extraordinary in the way he guides me through uncovering and healing past and current issues. Tapping is a daily practice for me, and I’m so happy Don taught me this invaluable technique.”

Megan From Virginia

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