Parenting Our Children, Our Parents and Ourselves

How would you describe your relationship with your kid(s)?

As our kids age and mature many times they become disconnected from us. They are in the same house but not on the same wavelength as us. It may be because of an event or just that your communication connection has broken down. Maybe you are dealing with a neuro-diverse or special needs child and it is difficult to connect.

Gina and I are in that situation ourselves having three neuro-diverse children and having met so many parents who are there too. It can cause dysfunction and disconnect in so many ways.

What do you do?

Family life is supposed to be about relationships, joy, connectivity, learning and growth and when that isn't present it causes stress, anxiety, disconnection and dysfunction.

Our goal is refocusing families to rebuild relationships and bring joy back to families. 


How you speak to your child (and really anyone) can be the difference between a 15-minute conversation and a 1-hour argument. What can you do?

Parents bring baggage from their past. Young children absorb their environment which can be toxic. Older children get anxious because they are not feeling like they fit in.  Stress and anxiety run high every day and many don't know how to deal with it properly.

Do Those Above Statements Sound Familiar?

“I don't know what to do about my child!”

It is natural for a parent to worry but when it gets to hopeless something has to change. Gina and I have raised three neuro-diverse and special needs children, worked professionally with parents and kids and have skills that can help parents along the journey.

Our Program

The Focused Healthy Family Caregiving Program includes helping you:

  • Manage transitions and change 
  • Manage stress and anxiety
  • Advocate for your child's needs
  • Enhance communication skills for effective talks with your child
  • Encourage help and support from the whole family
  • Re-build and grow family relationships
  • Inspire hope for the family
  • Improve everyone’s health and energy

Why Consult With Us?

  • Gina has over 30 years of experience as an Occupational Therapist.
  • We are parents of three neuro-diverse kids 
  • We have balanced the needs of our kids, our own family and ourselves
  • Don has been doing Emotional Freedom Techniques tapping for over 20 years and an EFT practitioner for over 12 of those years
  • We have been down the challenging road of severe anxiety and behavior issues with three kids
  • We have experience in anxiety disorder treatment
  • We know and understand the hopeless place that anxiety can put you in
  • We have a plan
  • We can help you

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