Our Philosophy

When we work with families we try to keep these three key principles in mind:










Two-Way Respect

Mutual Agreements


Re-Focusing Family

Sandwich Generation Parenting is a balancing act of concerns and challenges. Parents deal with exhaustion, worries about their aging parents, their kids and themselves and so many concerns that it all becomes overwhelming.

Maybe we are dealing with a parent in a nursing facility, a child with special needs, tension between you and your spouse,  all the while trying to function around all the effects that can have on ourselves, our parents, our kids,  our family and our business or job. Are the other kids feeling neglected because our attention is demanded by another child or our elderly parents all with special needs?

On top of that, we tend to doubt our capabilities as a parent. Are we doing the right stuff, enough stuff or not doing it right in the first place. These fears blend into our relationship with our partner, who sometimes doesn’t agree on how to handle things.

Gina and Don Grothoff, because of their own experience in this, have developed programs to help families. Using techniques that are both family-friendly and effective Gina and Don lead you from where you are to where you wish to be with yourself, your parents and your family.

Our Program

The Re-Focusing Family Program empowers you and your family naturally to:

  • Manage transitions and change 
  • Manage stress and anxiety
  • Advocate for your parent's needs
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Let go of habits that are not working
  • Increases family focus
  • Bring peace to the house
  • Inspire hope for the family
  • Improve everyone’s health and energy
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